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One Day Workshop:
The Change Journey
by Holger Nauheimer

Two Day Workshop:
The Change Journey +
Lead Change by Design

by Holger Nauheimer and Melissa Dutmers

Location Date
Jun 2, 2010 Brussels June 25-26, 2010 Seattle
June 7, 2010 Amersfoort (NL) June 28-29, 2010 Washington D.C.
postponed (will be in fall) Sydney
June 23, 2010 Los Angeles
July 1, 2010 New York City

Berlin, London, Johannesburg, Cape Town:

to be announced soon!

What's in it for you when you attend one of the workshops?


In the one day Change Journey workshop (Brussels, Amersfoort, Los Angeles, New York), you will

  • learn why change in organizations cannot be planned but only facilitated
  • learn how to facilitate a change journey using the Change Journey Map
  • exchange practical approaches for change facilitation with the peers
  • be licensed to use the Change Journey Map with your clients (see license agreement)
  • will receive a soft copy of the Change Journey Map, the question cards and all other supporting documents

In the two day Change Journey + Lead Change by Design workshop (Seattle, Washington DC), you will experience everything noted above. On day two, you'll learn to lead change by design and apply the following strategies to achieve the corresponding outcomes:

  • Bring an innovative idea to the forefront and take it from spark through to implementation — Results
  • Apply a series of actionable steps to lead and design change — Organization + Execution
  • Shape your ideas and changes in a way that inspires people to care — Approval from Decision Makers and Building of a Tribe
  • Establish deep, holistic understanding and connection with your your customers — Connection + Support for Change
  • Design, prototype, and pilot solutions to match peoples' needs — Design change, design ideas, that people understand, talk about, willingly adopt, and even celebrate
  • Be an active guide in the design of change, rather than a passive bystander to 'manage' it — Lead Change by Design
  • Participants will receive a high-quality spiral bound copy of the Innovative Change Toolkit and other supporting documents.

Who Should Attend

These workshops are designed for organizations of all sizes, public and private sectors. Content will be especially useful to the following participants:

  • Executives
  • Internal and external OD/HR consultants
  • Managers at all levels who need to lead change
  • Day-to-day leaders responsible for leading change in their organizations
  • Change agents at all levels of an organization

Who We Are

The Change Journey Holger Nauheimer

Holger has twenty years of professional experience of which he spent 15 years as a consultant, trainer and coach for private business, the public sector and non-governmental organizations. He has worked in more than 50 countries of Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, and specializes in the facilitation of personal, team and organizational transformation. As the author of The Change Management Toolbook, the best known and most cited web-reference on Change, and the founder of the international Change Facilitation Associates Network, he has shown his talent to gather experts and their different approaches and to provide them with a common language to explore their clients’ needs for appropriate strategies to organizational change.



Lead Change by Design — Melissa Dutmers

Melissa is the President and CEO of RIVERFORK Consulting. She brings 15 years of professional experience in the high-tech corporate world working inside corporations such as Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies where she collaborated with thousands of executives, managers, and employees. Prior to founding RIVERFORK, Melissa also worked as a trainer and facilitator for a major change management training firm. Her expertise lies in her ability to 1) create practical tools that teach people how to create change that matters and 2) go into a complex, chaotic situation, interact with transparency and extract clear, actionable steps to create forward motion. Melissa is the author of the toolkit, Lead Change by Design.


Programme of Day One — The Change Journey (Brussels, Amersfoort, Los Angeles, New York)

Session 1: What have we learned about change?

In this part of the workshop, we will reflect on the history of Organizational Development and Change Management. What were the roots and how has it changed over time? We will have a look at the dominating paradigms of complexity and non-linearity and how they apply to organizations. We will present tools for analyzing and visualizing the complexity of change prcesses to help clients understand the challenge of launching change projects.

Session 2: Exploring the Map

In this part of the workshop you will explore the Change Journey Map and understand the details. You will reflect on how the Map can be used to initiate a dialogue, and what the role of the facilitator is in such a process. Facilitation of Change Journeys follow pretty much the principles of emergence and self-organization. So, the facilitator needs to become a humble listener, guiding the process through adequate questions. Based on a case study, we will simulate a Change Journey process. The process will be enriched by participants' experiences and suggestions.

Session 3: Working with the Map

In this part of the workshop, participants will work in small groups and apply the Change Journey Map to either their own change processes or those of their clients. We will give further insight to some of the places on the Map and their potential to leverage change in individuals, teams and organizations.

Session 4: Which tools can we combine with the Change Journey Map

In the last session, participants will work in a World Café style on how their own tools and processes can be incorporated into Change Journey work. We will construct scenarios for how to support our clients to put the Change Journey into practice.


At the end of the workshop you will sign out license agreement and get the full access on our training material.

Programme of Day Two — Lead Change by Design (Seattle and Washington D.C. only)

Session 1: Setting the Stage

In the first section of the workshop we will review the conventional 'surface level' change management methodologies and why innovation is needed in how we lead change. We will present the Innovative Change Toolkit overview.

Session 2: Idea Shaping

In this next section of the workshop, you will begin work on the project that you identified in advance. You will learn to take your idea, your change and shape your story in a way that inspires decision makers to care. At the end of this section, you will have identified the decision makers, created a proposal, and shaped your idea to your decision makers' worldviews and priorities.

Session 3: Idea Connection

In this next section, you will learn to connect with others to explore, listen, design, create, evaluate, and iterate. You'll learn how to engage people to understand their needs, barriers, hopes, and fears. You'll form a tribe in this section and you'll learn that's it's okay to avoid trolls.

Session 4: Idea to Market

In the last session, you'll learn what it means to be at the forefront of change. You'll learn that monitoring change is not a phase, but a state of mind. You'll learn key elements to reinforcing a movement, a bold change. And finally, you'll learn what to watch for to sustain a healthy flow of change.


At the end of the workshop you will receive a license to use the Leading Change by Design Toolkit.


We support 1WE

With every workshop, we support a project of 1WE - we'll fund one rickshaw for a family in Bangladesh. Read more.

Prices: see individual events. Don't miss the early booking period which ends April 30, 2010


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